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Arabic Belly Dance- A mix of grace and glamor

Belly dance is originally a folk dance of Middle East, which has evolved manifolds in recent years. Earlier this dance form was restricted to royal courtrooms. Since long different dance forms have been used a medium of entertainment. As the name suggests belly dance involves rigorous movement of torso. A belly dancer usually moves her hips in accordance with the music. Hip drops, hip lifts, hip twists, are some typical movements in Belly dance. Belly dance looks very rhythmic but it needs a great deal of muscle control, especially of abdomen and hips.

Belly dance is performed as a social dance by general people of Middle East during social function or social gathering. Form the social dance of Middle East, this art form has travelled a long distance outside its original country and has become a special event which is performed by professional artists of dance troupes in functions.

Due to huge demand, many Event management companies in Delhi are organizing belly dance as a part of dance performances during any special event. Online Artist Hub, a leading celebrity and Artist Management company, is successfully organizing live concerts, shows, talent hunts pan India. A belly dance performance in any party or events is considered as a symbol of status for the host of events. Online Artist Hub is providing world class Arabic Belly Dancers whose performances are engaging. Online Artist Hub deals with many belly dance artists and the selection of any dancer is worked out in accordance with client’s specific need.


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russian Drum Solo Dancers in india
russian Drum Solo Dancers in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa