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Flute Mermaid Act in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa

Flute Mermaid- an imaginary creature of folklore

A mermaid is imagery but beautiful creature that is a mix of half human and half fish. Mermaid has made her appearance in many stories worldwide. Mermaids are often portrayed as beautiful girl who comes in contact with human world. She sometimes grants wishes to humans and sometimes fall in love with them.

Mermaid is a mesmerizing and charming character who often entices the person who gets the chance to look at or meet her. As per the saying, the mermaid is the princess of the sea who comes out mesmerizes the people. This imagination is put to reality through flute mermaid act. The flute mermaid act is an international act and is performed by foreign artists. A beautiful young lady dressed as a mermaid comes out of her shell with a flute in her hand. It is a marvelous act which is performed during several occasions especially in wedding in India.

Foreign artist in mermaid clothes and the setting of the set takes you to the underwater world of oceans. The mermaid plays popular Bollywood tunes on flute that is capable to captivate your senses. Online Artist Hub specializes in arranging shows and events where flute mermaid is an important item of the show. The performance is done by foreign artist.


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Flute Mermaid
Flute Mermaid act available for events
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