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Led Butterfly Dancers in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa

Led Butterfly Dancer- a show of visual effects

With the advancing technology, many new items are included in party themes day by day. People keep on carving for something new every time. It is also very necessary to bring out new ideas, new themes to make a show successful.

One such item in performing arts is LED Butterfly dance shows. As the name suggests, LED bulbs are used extensively in this dance form. LED lights are also called as Digital Lights because of their dynamic presence. LED lights are widely used in stage lighting as it gives a brilliant light effect. LED lights come in number of colors. These LED lights are easily controlled by remote controls.

From stage lightings, LED has moved to dance costumes. There are some dance forms which allows the dancers to clad a LED bulb fitted costumes. Tron Dance and LED butterfly are such dance forms. LED butterfly dancers perform as solo and also in group. The dancer wears a garment which is gifted with special structures such as lighting style, regulator and additional effects. The garment is like a flowy gown which can be stretched up to the head. A dancer uses this stretched portion as butterfly wings. They do multiple dance steps by rotating and waving their stretched arms in all directions. This gives a look of flying butterfly.

The dancer can display the sequential patterns, change the color of lights and can also change the intensity of lights. The dancer has the control of changing the modes and effects of light. Online Artist Hub arranges International LED butterfly dancers who are expert in these art forms.


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Rio Carnival Dancers in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa