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Sand art is making beautiful and meaning piece of art on sand. As a child’s play we use to make castle of sand whenever we come across heap of sands. But this act of making castle has transformed into a well-recognized art form known as sand art.

Many sand art works are seen at sea shores across the world. A sandy beach is an apt place for displaying the sand art work as the main ingredients of building are available there. These ingredients are sand and water.

Children make sand castles for fun. But this art form comes up with many contests for adults who get an opportunity to showcase their talent to the world. They are mostly involved with constructing large and complex structures.

Sand art also include sand painting, sand drawing and sand animation. Sand animation is the new and engaging art performance. The artist creates various images on sand with his hands. The sand is usually spread on a surface and this artwork is witnessed with the help of a projector. This art is a skilled art and has won accolades in many talent hunt shows. This is a fascinating live performance. Nowadays many corporates hire sand artists to perform live during the launch of cars or at auto expos, exhibitions and such events. The demand of sand artist is also in high profile wedding, private parties, and talent hunt shows and so on. Sand artists in Delhi are available for their live performance for various events. These sand artist in Delhi are highly skilled and years of experience.


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