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Glamorous Table Hostess in Delhi

Nowadays wedding in Delhi are more like a mega show where many artist come to enthrall the guests with their live performances. These artists are of various types and from various fields. In modern times, wedding is not the only item one looks for in a wedding ceremony. Many artists are hired to keep guest engaged and enthralled with their performances. Many international artists like tanoura dancers, Russian Belly dancers, flute players, flute mermaids, pole dancers, violin players, saxophone players and more performs live in various events like wedding, corporate events, social events, business summits, award functions and talent shows. Many new items keep on adding to this.

These performing artists are biggest crowd pullers in any events. The events are organized in such a way that whole atmosphere gives an impression of fairy tale kingdom. The moment you enter the venue you are greeted by beautiful hostess who looks like fairies. These hostess handouts flowers to the guests who arrive at the function.

Table hostess in Delhi are usually wearing a costume that resemble like a table. Their costume made them look like a waking table. Table Hostess in Delhi looks very elegant in their unique style. Some table hostess keeps drinks in small glasses on the table like flat surface encircling them. They keep moving from one place to another place so that guest can enjoy these drinks while sitting at their place. Table hostess also keeps snacks on their table dress and guests can enjoy these snacks while watching the live performances of various artists.


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Table Hostess
Table Hostess
russianTable Hostess in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa